Client and Family Advisory Council


With a combination of organizational membership and client/caregiver/family representatives, the Client and Family Advisory Committee (CFAC) works hand-in-hand with SOHT organizations to assess and co-design implementations with implementation teams.

CFACs help to: provide a current state of practice pertaining to patient experience/partnership/engagement; review best practices to provide tangible recommendations to SOHT, provide a plan for sustainable mechanisms that ensure collaborative patient partnerships across the SOHT network of partners, and come together to co-design a model of care that can be used across the OHT from bench to bed-side.

Client and Family Advisory Council

Since the formation of the Committee, the group has created a basis of a co-design framework that engages all point people in SOHT’s partner organizations to relay input and feedback on key measures of success regarding improvement initiatives. It has been continuously committing Client Family Advisors for true diverse representation incorporated into planning, monitoring and evaluation of several digital health proof of concept projects, reviewing change ideas and taking part in SOHT’s strategic retreat.

If you are interested in joining the Committee or to know more information, please contact

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